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Buy Mushroom Spores Online In Co. We strive to offer the cleanest, and the most sought after Psilocybin  Spores on the market. We are constantly adding the newest varieties to our collection of Magic shroom Spores.

The Best Magic Mushroom Available In Colorado

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As one of the highest quality vendors of psilocybin spores in dc and research supplies, we offer one of the largest ranges of laboratory-grade mushroom  syringes. Our thorough quality control procedures and laboratory testing ensures that every one of our  syringes has the highest standard of purity so that anyone, from hobbyists to professional researchers, can make the most of the best psilocybin spores available on the market. Each syringe has literally millions of spores contained in a sterile solution designed to protect the spores for extended periods of time in storage, giving them a shelf life that lasts much longer than other spore vendors. WHAT ARE PSILOCYBIN SPORES | Mushroom For SalePsilocybin spores are the reproductive seeds of magic mushrooms, the latter of which have been honored and feared throughout human history for their hallucinatory effects. Spores are single cells carrying a set of chromosomes with all the genetic information needed to reproduce a new primary mycelium, the threadlike underground network comprising most of the fungi’s life cycle.WHAT ARE SPORE SYRINGES | Buy Mushroom  OnlineSpore syringes are oral syringes containing a simple solution of psilocybin spores suspended in water. Some contain liquid cultures, or spores stored in a microbiological growth medium to beget the mycelial phase of fungal development using nutrients like glucose and malted grain extract. Mycologists generally employ agar Petri dishes for their mushroom studies, but the jellylike agar is too solid and uncommon for online shipping purposes.

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